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About Prakash C S, who inspires the youth
to realize their own potential

About Prakash Skill Development Education Trust

Prakash Skill Development Education Trust (PSDET) was established in the year 2014. The sole aim of PSDET is to create technically sound and updated mobile, smartphone, and laptop technicians. This novel goal of PSDET has not only helped hundreds of young people to establish mobile and laptop repairing centers in different parts of the country but also filling the huge gap between demand and supply of technical people in this industry. Prakash Skill Development Education Trust is tied up with several reputed organizations that are directly linked with National Skill Development Corporations (NSDC). Thus, trainees here always get the latest learning facilities.

Prakash always says, “India needs skilled technicians and employment. Today’s youth have enormous potential and the market of mobile, smartphone, and laptop technology have been growing in leaps and bounds. It is the high time that today’s youth grab this whopping opportunity.”

PSDET brings a world of opportunities to the young generations who want to be independent and earn handsomely. Keeping pace with the market demand, several courses related to mobile, smartphone, and laptop are developed here. Trainers take individual care, classrooms are equipped with all modern facilities, and live practical training is given to every trainee.

PSDET regular takes an active part in different social development programs organized by government authorities, private organizations, NGOs.

Repair mobile Training example, to learn repairing mobiles is not a big deal. What is required is a right attitude, professional & quality training but the benefits of joining a mobile industry are never-ending! To know how let us follow the below reasons:

  • Mobile revolution is the greatest telecommunication market on earth.
  • Mobile repair industry is large, growing, and improving each year.
  • New mobile/handset manufacturing units are being planned globally.

About Prakash Cellular Service

The journey of Prakash Cellular Service started in 2000. The Founder & CEO of Prakash Cellular Service, Prakash Vishwakarma hails from Bilara, Rajasthan. From early childhood, he was fond of modern electronic devices. Eventually, he got an opportunity to work in a mobile store where he came to know about different mobile brands and distinctive features of these brands. He possessed a great interest in exploring mobile technology. In fact, still today, he feels equally energetic in looking into every minute aspect of Laptop and smartphone technology. After a few years of rigorous learning and training, he mastered all aspects of Laptop and smartphone technology.

Prakash possesses a rare capacity to map any new smartphone technology within minutes. With little money in hand and a big dream, Prakash came to Bangalore to do something exceptional. His insatiable trust for learning Laptop and smartphone technology and working in this field landed him in this job in different mobile repairing centers but he was still unsatisfied. Prakash is a visionary. He understood that in the coming days,the smartphone market would reach an unparallel echelon where no other product had ever reached in human history.

This was when he dared to cross all barriers and open a small mobile and smartphone repairing shop at Indiranagar, Bangalore. That small shop is now a 24000 Sq. Ft. famous mobile, smartphones, and laptop repairing and training center in Bangalore. Hundreds of trainees get trained from this training center and thousands of mobiles, smartphones, and laptops get repaired here every year. Prakash Cellular Service is a brand now. People’s trust in Prakash is mind-blowing. It has all happened due to the relentless effort, customer-oriented service, and best customer relationship management of Prakash and his experienced team of technicians, professionals, and trainees.

About PSDET’s Training Program

We enroll students from all states in India . Students from Nepal, Afghanistan, Srilanka, UAE, Newzealand, and several other countries also pursue our courses regularly.

  • We have an experienced team of trainers in different disciplines of mobile, smartphone, and laptop repairing services.
  • Our courses are designed keeping track of current market demands and future possibilities.
  • Students are given adequate practical training so that they never face any problem in understanding any new technology in the future.
  • Students are given 6 months’ follow up session and sufficient backup.
  • Short term and weekend courses are also available.


“Let's Join Hands Together & Help India become Technically Sound ”

We have taken a target of producing at least 10 lakh technicians in the field of mobile, smartphone, and laptop technology. We have planned to include young people who are not economically sound but have a dream to be independent and want to be economically strong.


Reduce the problem of unemployment in India and showing economically weak school or college dropouts an authentic way of earning.